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Planner Tracking Ideas - Digital download

Planner Tracking Ideas - Digital download

Printing The Moon

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FREE Planner Tracking Ideas - Digital download

I know! You want to start the good habit of keeping a Planner, but you think that there is not much to keep track on it. This guide will give lots of ideas and help you put all the things you have on your brain into your planner. You will learn to feel lighter and less stressed than ever!
You are going to love it!


Download your FREE Planner Tracking Ideas

  • Download it for FREE.
  • One PDF file - 8.5 x 11 inches (regular letter size) - to be printed in your home computer.

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  5. Print your Planner Tracking Ideas on a regular paper. 
  6. If you would like to print it double sided, but your printer prints on side only, then the print of the first page, place the printed page back inside the paper tray, upside down -test it before, some printers are the opposite-. and print the second page in the back.
  7. Enjoy! 



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