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Company Policies


You purchase a file once, however, you may print as many copies as you'd like for yourself. You also can use these printables to give them away as gifts! But this is for your personal use ONLY.

You are not allow to share the electronic file with anybody else, you are not allow to use any part of the file, drawings or designs to make another design or product, nor to commercial use. If you would like to buy a commercial license, please contact me.




PRINTING THE MOON does not sell or claim any ownership of any official product, characters, trademarks, images or persons used in our customized designs or assets, as they belong to their respective copyrights owners and have no relationship or association with PRINTING THE MOON of any kind.  

Please note that you are paying for the creative services and time spent designing and customizing printable items per customers request. Every item is an inspired themed and a designer own interpretation, and it is created for personal use only.



Print Returns
If you are not satisfied with your purchase of a Physical Item delivered to you, let me know As Soon As Possible. I accept returns as long as you contact me within 24 hours after you receive the item. Costumer will pay shipping expenses.


Custom Designs

We will have many email and conversations to make the custom design accurate, and I will work with you and do my best to create it the way you want. However, no refunds on custom designs.


Digital Files
Since you are purchasing a file that is transferred electronically, there really isn't any way for you to "return" your file. However, I am committed to keeping you as a customer and will do what I can to ensure you are happy with the file(s) you purchase.
If for any circumstance your order dictate a fair adjustment, a discount or future freebie may be considered. Most of all, please know that I am reasonable, fair and a person that you can contact at any time. It is my purpose and intent to ensure you are happy with me and my printables so that you return! :) I will make every reasonable effort to keep you as a happy customer.
If you make a mistake with your order, no worries. I'm always happy to fix any error or resend files.


NOTE.- Please keep in mind that any "return" or order cancelation, will have a small fee of 10%. This is not because of Printing The Moon, but because of the Credit Card transaction fees.




If any no-digital item was purchased, shipments will automatically be sent to your verified paypal/credit card shipping address, unless a request is made via email or on a previous conversation.

United States
Your prints will be sent via USPS Priority Mail with 3 to 7 days after payment is received and depending on the order.
(Some delays may occur based in holidays or others)
Please be aware that all international deliveries may take up to 6 to 8 weeks.




Downloading Problems

If you have any problem with your files after you bought them and they are downloaded, please contact me as soon as possible. I won't refund the money, but I will assist you, or I can resend the files if necessary.

Also, you might want to check Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to learn a little bit more about downloading files from my website.

Notice that all images/digital files are in high-resolution. Print quality will vary depending on your printer quality, ink and other print settings. The colors you see on your computer screen may also change.

IMPORTANT: To keep the high resolution of any download from my store, it is important to save it/them in your computer first (no in your phone or tablet), and then print it. 



Your purchase licenses you to print the copyrighted illustration for your personal use only. Any commercial use is strictly prohibited.

All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved and retained to the artist

©2014-2018 by Danella Haro-Aguayo


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