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BROCHURE DESIGN SERVICE - Digital files -Instant Download-
BROCHURE DESIGN SERVICE - Digital files -Instant Download-
BROCHURE DESIGN SERVICE - Digital files -Instant Download-

BROCHURE DESIGN SERVICE - Digital files -Instant Download-

Printing The Moon

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BROCHURE DESIGN SERVICE - Customized Digital files -Instant Download-

+ We will develop a concept following your specifications and provide unlimited rounds of revisions.

+ No color limitation.

+ Brochures could be Bi-fold, Tri-fold or Four-fold, being the Tri-fold the most common and practical of all.  

+ Digital file of the company logo, pictures, photographs and/or illustrations will need to be provided by the client.

+ If you don't have the digital file of your logo or illustrations, they could be reproduced, but that would be added on the price. If this is the case, please contact me HERE.

+ Initial concepts/sketches will be ready for discussion and revision on 2 business days.

+ All needed revisions are included.

+ Please contact me with your ideas and concepts to start working together and designing the perfect brochure for your company or event. Contact me HERE.

+ The final brochure's digital file will be sent by email on JPG and PDF formats, High resolution:

  • JPEG file, will allow you to order your prints online. Ready to be uploaded on any online printing company you prefer. Size and resolution already fixed.
  • PDF file, will allow you to print the brochure at home (if the size allows it), or on any printing shop (like Staples, Office Max, Kinkos, etc) NOTE: The PDF file will be borderless, it won't have a white border around, unless is part of the design, however, keep in mind that if you would like to print it at home, most of the home printers do not have the "borderless" feature, meaning that your final printed product will show a white border anyways.

    + If you need your flyers printed, we also manage printing services . Please contact me HERE.


    ****  COPYRIGHTS  *****

     + You retain the commercial rights to use the final flyer in your business, advertisement campaigns, and there is no printing limit. The designer (Printing The Moon/ Danella Haro-Aguayo) reserves the designer's rights to be recognize as the creator and to use the design as part of her portfolio and for display purposes only.

     We Guarantee your total satisfaction! 

    Please contact me here if you have any questions!

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