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Why Do I Need a Black Keepsake Box?

Black Keepsake box-PTM

       Who doesn't need extra storage? Better if you can use a beautiful black keepsake box! 

        A keepsake box, serves as a special container to store cherished mementos, tokens, pictures, collections, photographs, or any meaningful items.

       It's hard to find a good-sized keepsake box. The advantage you have now is that each hardcover panner/journal order comes wrapped in a beautiful satin finish keepsake box.

       Maybe you need ideas on how to use your new black box? Here are some:

  1. Collections - Miniatures, keychains, stickers, shaped erasers, pens or pencils, shells, wrappers, small rocks, etc. Anything we love to collect during a trip, or during the years, can find a great place to be stored. 

  2. Exclusive Collections -  Watches, sunglasses, small devices, tablets and earphones.

  3. Journals - Of course you can keep your new planner or your new journal in its original black box, but there is also enough room for your previous journal or last year planner. 
  4. Materials - It's great to have all similar materials in one place. I love to put my brush markers together to easy search and easy access. What about drawing tools, or all the stuff you need for your mood candles in one place, or even your small device cables and charges.
  5. Keepsake & Mementos - This box is perfect for preservation and protection: Black is often associated with concealing and safeguarding. If you have items that you want to keep hidden or secure, a black keepsake box is a great choice to maintain their privacy.

  6. Old photos or DocumentsIf you love learning about your ancestors and genealogy, and preserving old family photographs, letters and documents, this acid-free black box will be the solution for you. You can continue adding valuable history to your box.

  7. Valuable Children's Drawings - It's always a big challenge to find a place to keep your children's handmade cards or those cute little notes and drawings. Well, now you have a place to keep them safe.

  8. Children Books - Some children's books are a real treasure for us. I still keep my kids' favorite adventure books in my black box.

  9. Recipes - Secret family recipes? Or maybe grandma's handwritten ones? THis black box is the perfect place to keep them away from greasy kitchen drops.

  10. Rituals and Manifestation Tools Black can symbolize different things to different people. It can represent mystery, strength, formality, or even a sense of protection or closure. Keep all your tools for those manifestation sessions and rituals that feed your soul.

  11. Decor ElementBlack can serve as a neutral backdrop, allowing the contents of the box, as well as the box itself, to take center stage. This box can be particularly useful if you have small items with various colors and textures. Find this box as an elegant, versatile, and timeless element that can blend well with various decor styles and may exude a sense of sophistication.

        Remember, the meaning of a keepsake box, is very individual. If a Black Keepsake box holds meaning for you, that's what matters most. 

        This is a perfectly sized black box to store your planner or journal; it's a vessel for your memories and keepsake items you collect throughout the year; and what's inside is what truly makes it special.

Enjoy collecting your valuable items!

Danella Haro-Aguayo

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