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How To Stay Focused During The Holidays

 PTM-Habit-Tracker        We’re 2 months into the 4th quarter, and 2 months away from the end of 2023; I cannot believe it!

        As November and December arrive, it may already feel like the beginning of a new year. The Halloween fun is over, Thanksgiving is approaching fast, and then Hanukkah and Christmas are just around the corner.

        And as much as we want to have fun and be with family, most of the time all these parties ruin our routines and good habits.

        One tool that has been a game changer for me is to keep a habit tracker. It's like having a friendly competition with yourself each day as you strive to complete specific tasks. Some people prefer to use apps and digital tools for this purpose, but to be honest, I prefer the old school method of printing it out and coloring it in each day as I achieve my goals; In this way, the feelings of commitment and satisfaction are stronger and lead to better results.

        If you want to start creating new habits in your day, you should start with only one or two at the time. Otherwise, it’s too easy to get overwhelmed. As they turn into regular routine in your life, you should add one or two more.

Need some ideas of new habits?

  1. Meditation
  2. Journaling
  3. Planning my day
  4. Taking my supplements
  5. Drink more water
  6. Exercising
  7. Reading everyday something that inspires me (Scriptures, or a good book)
  8. Face cleaning routine - morning & evening-
  9. If eating out….don’t buy French-fries :D
  10. If there are children at home … with them.

       To give you a quick look into my daily routine and what's on my habit tracker, here are some of my daily habits:

  1. Meditation every morning (10 min)
  2. Journaling every evening (20 min)
  3. Staying hydrated by drinking water
  4. Exercising every morning.
  5. Reading my scriptures.
  6. Face cleaning routine - morning & evening-
  7. Drawing 15 min per day (the truth? I always take more time because I'm having fun :D)

        I know they look great, but I didn't start them at once. I’ve been tracking them for a long time, and now they are part of my daily life.

        Start small, one habit at the time.

        If you're interested in starting your own habit tracker click HERE to get yours for FREE.


Happy tracking!



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