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3 Lies You've Been Told About Planning...

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    Have you felt reluctant to start a new habit because you've heard negative comments? And then we place more value on these stories than trying it ourselves. Or we simply go through life with a wrong idea instead of giving ourselves a chance and drawing conclusions from our own experience.

        Whatever is the reason, we are missing a great opportunity to improve our lives and reduce the stress caused by our daily routine (or by the lack of it).

Let's look at some learned lies:

1st LIE - Planning takes too much time..... Actually is quite the opposite: Investing 15-30 min per week will save you hours of wandering or having activities that take you nowhere, and you just end up spending your time scrolling in social media. Sometimes we don't even start an activity because we think we won't have enough time, but when we plan our days, we can learn how much time we have left and we can act accordingly.

2nd LIE - Planning is important only if I have a business...... If you feel pulled in many directions (work, hobbies, responsibilities, spouse, kids, church, parents association, service, grandparents, etc.) and you would like to fit many different things in your day/week, is like you actually have a business, "the business of staying afloat" or "the business of learning how to enjoy life". When planning your day/week, you will realize how your activities and responsibilities are falling in the right place or it will give you the power to say "No" if it doesn't.  Yo will reduce your stress significantly, and for sure, you will enjoy more the activities you need to do.

3rd LIE - If I start planning I will stop being spontaneous..... "No way Jose". When you plan your day/week you'll know what and when you'll need to do your stuff (responsibilities), therefore, you'll also know when you have free time to do whatever you want and be yourself without regrets. There is nothing worse than trying to have fun, but at the same time, having that dark cloud that keeps your thoughts on the pending things that you didn't finish or didn't even start. You 'll feel free and relaxed to be spontaneous!

As you see, these lies only prevent you from achieving a better quality of life. So, my advice? Don't pay attention to them, try it yourself. 

Happy Planning!

 Danella Haro-Aguayo


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