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Rustic Wedding is trending now, but this couple asked me something a little more unique: a couple/family Logo! Rustic Wedding stationary

A logo that could be use as a brand, all related with the wedding, but later on, it will be their family ID, their own Brand. I was honored to be part of the beginning of this loving partnership. 

Their names: Katelyn & Joshua.

I made an study of a meaningful and strong, yet romantic and cute concept, with nothing else but their names, and their love for the rustic style.

wedding logo proposals

We went through many sketches and new proposals: However, the idea that did captivate them the most, was to have the initial of their new family last name as part of their logo. I created/drew a plant arrangement, an open circle/wreath, "C" shape as the background. A simple element with a strong concept, that added a lot of personality. 

We used their new logo on every element of the wedding stationary:  Invitations, Inserts, Envelopes, Photographs and Thank you notes.

Right now, we are planning to make a plaque with the new family logo on it.

Rustic wedding with personalized logo

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