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POSTCARDS & FLYERS - New Building Open House


Postcards and Flyers were commissioned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for the Open House of their new building in Dover, NJ.

The first part of the job was to gather all the elements to work with. This included a picture of the facade of the building, logos of the organizations they will be working with, plus all the info needed to be posted.

The image of the new building was featured on a very large section of the art because, many people from the neighborhood knew about it, and have been pass by it; therefore, they have a lot of expectation in visiting.

The second larger part was dedicated to the open house hours, so there is no confusion at all.

This project needed to be a quick turn around. Thanks to the printing company, I got everything on time, and ready to be distributed it.


Postcards - Danella Haro-Aguayo     Flyer -Danella Haro-Aguayo

Postcard & Flyer - Danella Haro-Aguayo   

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