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The women service organization named "Relief Society", an amazing and non-exclusive group of women between 18 and 120 year old ladies, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commissioned me to make a flyer to share and promote their next empowered conference, service project and luncheon they had as their annual get together.

lds relief society flyer

These ladies are coming from the most diverse cultures and backgrounds, but they all have something in common: a service purpose and a huge heart.

I divided this flyer in two section: (1) General information about the event, and (2) Detailed program and activities. I enhanced their diversity by placing a row of B&W pictures of a variety of women from different places, and different moments of their lives.

LDS Relief Society flyer


 I created three buttoms/icons to indicate the activities they would have, and added some description on each one. 

For easier distribution, the large flyers were made to be posted on many of the churches’ bulletin boards around Morris county. They were made in English and in Spanish. But I also created handouts, a small version of the same flyer to be distributed and handed to each of the ladies. This way, they will keep one posted at home (on the fridge, or mirror, or on top of the dresser) as a reminder of the meeting. 

lds Relief Society flyerlds relief society flyer

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