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One of the representatives of the well-known company @Yanbal contacted me to fix and complete her stationary. She was organizing an innovative event at her daughters school, and a big turn around was expected.

Because of the school policies, the requirements and conditions of the event changed a couple times, but finally, we found the way to go ahead under the best conditions for everybody.

product flyer design

I worked on a two-sided flyer, business cards, forms, and also on some of her office stationary. 

I had to collect some original institutional elements from the company, as well as copyrighted pictures, and official colors. The printing company made a couple mistakes on the  color codes, reason why we had a little delay, nothing major, but stressful anyways. 

At the end, the product came out great, the client was pleased, and the selling event was great!

Company Stationary Design

Company Stationary Design

Company Stationary Design

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