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My clients had their own business established for more than 14 years, however, they never had a company logo, website, or any way to be contacted, but cell phone number and by reference only.

We sat together, talked about their needs, goals and vision. I started working with their brand/logo until they were happy with it. The website was the next step. 

Website Design Cleaning companyI organized all their different cleaning services, and specified what was included in each on them. I developed an button/icon for every service offered. Also, I needed to create content for each service: Bulleted points of what was included in that service, and photographs of them working hard on the different services they offer.

 After the website was created, we opened a @facebook page, an @instagram account, and started to make posts and create some content.

Originally, they were located in New Jersey, USA. After some time, they decided to move to Utah. This, also meant that we needed to work together on a special campaign promoting their services on a new area, new setting, and new clientele.

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