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BOHEMIA HOTEL BOUTIQUE Exhibition Event Flyers and More


Bohemia Hotel Boutique is a bed & breakfast style located in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the city of Mendoza, Argentina, on the skirt of the Andes. A beautiful city where "business, art, and tourism is harmoniously combined".


This year, Bohemia is participating on the prestigious "International Tourism & Investment Conference" in London, UK as one of the Exhibitors. Unfortunately, the space for the display is very reduced. A small table without back is all they will have. 

Flyers, Danella Haro-AguayoWe planned to work with two different size posters on top of the table, a table runner showing the hotel logo, and small two-sided flyer to give away together with an USB device.

The final printed product came out great, the client was pleased, and the exhibition event was an amazing turn out! 

Now, we are preparing all the material for the Spanish printed version of all the material. The Panama Hotel Convention for 2020 is coming up really soon.




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