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I loved this project: New boat! New name! New logo!!

Many ideas were going around my head, many colors to play with. The first challenge? To find the ONE; the one that combines the ideas and colors my clients wanted, the one that plays along with their life style, the one that their kids enjoy and feel like their own, the one that allows me to create a family character. 

Boat logo design

I worked on a main logo that will be placed on the transom area. It has to be big enough to be able to recognize the graphic from distance as well as to read the home port name from far. There are some codes in the marine traffic we need to carefully follow to make sure there is not a fine.

 The second challenge? The tender boat.

I learned that there is a very uncomfortable situation when you live or travel on a big boat: when you arrive to port and anchor your boat, you take your tender boat to get to the docks and land; unfortunately, there are robbers, among the people on the port, checking which tender boat belongs to which big boat. When they make the match, they know that the big boat is unattended, and take advantage of the situation. boat logo design                         I wanted to make a logo for the tender boat using the same language than the one on the big boat, and easy to recognize when they are together, but hard to tell they are related when they are apart. I worked with the same shapes and colors, and some of the elements. This way, both logos speak the same language; however, they keep their own personality.

Their excitement and smiles are always my best payment!

Boat logo design

boat logo design

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