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Watercolor art into designWatercolor is one of my passions. Every time I finish an art work piece, I am not only see it as a beautiful piece of art to be framed, but an utility graphic design piece, I always try to look for a new function for it.

This is why many of my Thank You cards, or Christmas cards have my watercolor paints on them.

When I painted these flowers, I also saw the possibility to use them individually, flower by flower, plant by plant, and even some of the shrubs. I separated them one by one, and using a designing computer program, I cleaned each elements in such a way that they could be place in different order, one on top, on the side, or behind the other one allowing me to create many different compositions.

On the following pictures there are different compositions and applications using the same individual elements.

Watercolor flowers wedding posterWatercolor flowers wedding invitation

Watercolor flowers wedding posterWatercolor flowers wedding stickersWatercolor flowers wedding stickers

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